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Howdy! It looks like you made it this far so that can only mean good things for the both of us. 

Party Kaleta is the studio of Marty Kaleta, a (mostly) self-taught designer currently based in Chicagoland. What started as a side project while going through the motions at a 9-5 sales job while traversing South America has blossomed into new undertakings and new challenges. I love big type, bursts of color, layers of texture, and some motion here and there for good measure. Having worked with clients in the US, Brazil, and Argentina, Party speaks your language!


When not behind the computer, I enjoy playing the six-string, taking photos, petting furry friends, learning new languages, reading science fiction, watching horror classics, and drinking the occasional cold snack. Even if you don’t have a project for us to work on together, let’s talk about any of the above!

If filling out the adjacent form isn't your thing, send over an email to


You did it!

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